September 27, 2009

Mommy Dearest

I’m learning more and more that people are truly evil.

At the end of the school year last year I had a second grade student whose mother took her on a trip to New York. The little girl took her library book with her and left it there. When I asked the mother to either return the book or pay a replacement fee so that I could purchase a replacement copy for my library, the mother sent me a nasty note along with a dirty, coffee-stained paperback copy of the book in question. The note basically told me that I could shove the worn-out copy up my ass.

The summer break passed and I hadn’t heard anything more on the book or the replacement fee. Because neither choice had been met, my policy is that the student can’t check out another book.

In response, the mother has now told the daughter—who is currently in third grade—that Mom paid for the book and that I’m lying about not having the money.

Yes, mom is lying to the little girl to make a point and she’s using me as the bad guy so that in the little girl’s eyes, Mommy is still good.

If I last 15 years in public education I’ll use that 15-year mark as a time to assess where I am professionally and personally, what I’ve accomplished professionally and personally, and what else might be available to me. Some of these parents are truly evil and we’re not even through the first full month of school.


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